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Ark Helenswood Academy hosted a Section 5 inspection on Wednesday 8th July and Thursday 9th July 2015.  The academy was judged to require improvement. The inspection team identified clear action points for areas of whole school improvement, but recognised the good work which the academy is doing to secure an improvement in GCSE and A Level outcomes for all students; a fact which of course has been substantiated in the fantastic GCSE and A Level results reported in August 2015. In particular the report recognises the advances in maths teaching which have taken place since the last inspection in 2011, the exemplary practice in the arts and humanities subjects, and that the work to ensure students’ safety and tackle bullying is good.

To read the report click here.

Further to the full inspection in July 2015 we were pleased to welcome OfSTED back to Ark Helenswood on Wednesday 13th April 2016. The school has been judged to be taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement in order to become good, and a copy of the monitoring visit letter can be read by clicking here.

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Key Stage 4 examination results for 2016

Historical examination results

For more information about ARK 6th Form East Sussex, please visit www.ark6thformeastsussex.org.

Progress students make in the sixth form compared to other providers

Value added refers to the progress students make based upon their prior attainment at GCSE. Students at Ark 6th Form make expected progress at the end of Key Stage 5 in academic subjects. Students achieved broadly in line with national averages for value added (50th percentile ALPS Value Added analysis).

In vocational subjects students make good progress at the end of Key Stage 5 (65th percentile ALPS Value Added Analysis).

Individual subject breakdown (end of Key Stage 5)

Average grade that students achieve in the sixth form

  • In 2015/16 students at the end of Key Stage 5 achieved an average grade of C+
  • Progress made in English and Maths


  • In 2015/16 there were 2 entries without GCSE English (both had prior attainment of a D from Year 11)
  • 2 candidates re-sat GCSE English in 2015/16 in Year 12




  • In 2015/16 there were 6 candidates without GCSE maths (all had prior attainment of a D from Year 11)
  • 6 candidates re-sat GCSE Maths in 2015/16 in Year 12


In 2015/16 student retention at the end of Key Stage 5 was 96% from a total of 88 starts with 4 students withdrawing after 12/10/2015. This figure is slightly above the national average.

Student progression

In 2015/16 at the end of Key Stage 5 74% of students progressed into further/higher education. 20% of university applicants secured places at Russell Group institutions. 11% took up employment as an apprentice with 15% moving into employment without training.

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Performance Data

The Department for Education's school performance data for the school can be found by clicking here

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