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The Academy will be closing early to students on Thursday 29th September 2016 at 1pm in preparation for the Prospective Parents' Open Evening.


At Ark Helenswood Academy we pride ourselves in the quality of our staff. They are, after all, the backbone of the academy and the level of education we provide. As well as the teaching staff the academy also boasts a full quota of support staff.

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Tracy Dohel


I have thoroughly enjoyed my first weeks at Ark Helenswood Academy and know that it has great potential to improve. Having been at the forefront of effective school leadership for eight years in two inner London schools, I intend to apply my rich experiences to the role of Principal at Helenswood Academy.
My aim is to ensure that students receive excellent teaching and a calm, orderly place that they can learn in. Helenswood teachers are experts in their subjects and are passionate about sharing their knowledge. If you combine this with students who are inquisitive, have embedded independent learning skills and a love of learning means one can guarantee the highest of achievements. Some of our girls will find learning in a school environment more challenging and for them we have a multitude of inclusive strategies that we are happy to talk to you about. I welcome regular communication and strong partnership between school and home because I know that this is critical to secure the success of your daughter. 
I am committed to improving the life chances of children and my skills, experience and passion are well suited to making this happen at Helenswood. I want the girls to leave Helenswood well educated, confident, creative, ambitious and successful, with an excellent understanding of the world they live in.

Chris Connor


Teaching is an addictive vocation. Seeing that moment when a student grasps a concept or adjusts a behaviour is the reason why I do this job. My role this year involves ensuring students are performing towards their target grade and that they achieve the best results possible as well as designing the curriculum and writing the timetable. I enjoy working with teachers to ensure they are delivering high quality, bespoke lessons to ensure they inspire students to achieve and excel beyond their believed capabilities. 

Being a Maths teacher I enjoy analysing the data on students’ performance and ensuring they know what they need to do to succeed, and through hard work I know this success can become a reality. My main responsibilities this year are:

  • Target setting
  • Reporting to parents
  • Using student data to inform planning
  • Ensure assessments are carried out
  • Ensure assessments are moderated
  • Line manage the Science faculty
  • Designing the curriculum
  • Writing the timetable

Suzanne Harrison


My role is to ensure that the students at Helenswood Academy have the best opportunities to achieve outstanding progress in their learning. I aim to enable all students to play an active part in lessons, collaborating with staff so that students can thoroughly engage in their lessons and positively participate in their learning. 

I work strategically across the academy and with other schools in the area to ensure that members of staff in these institutions have access to high quality professional development programmes and coaching, in order to continue to improve outcomes for young people. The programmes I am responsible for coordinating and facilitating will continue to improve the quality of teaching and learning, and also leadership and management at all levels across Helenswood and schools in the local area.

    Jonathan Rutland


    Our aim at Helenswood is to ensure that all students leave with not only fond memories of their time with us, but a wide range of life experiences, life skills and the best academic grades achievable to help them in their futures.  A key part of my role is to ensure that each pupil at Ark Helenswood achieves this excellent academic progress across the range of subjects that they study. Alongside this, I am responsible for ensuring that high standards are consistently met across the academy.

    I work strategically across the academy to ensure students who need additional guidance in order to achieve their potential are identified and are given the support that they need. To do this, I assist in overseeing all teaching staff to ensure that the students whom they teach are given the opportunity to excel.

    Stephen Weakley


    My passion lies in Teaching & Learning and increasing student participation within lessons to help students achieve outstanding progress. I am very privileged in my role at Helenswood Academy as I get to work with teachers, both new to the profession and longer serving, to develop their practice in order to continue to improve the overall quality of the learning experience within the academy.

    As a Professional Tutor, I am responsible for the progress of trainee and newly qualified teachers. I work strategically within the academy and network to ensure that these staff have access to high quality professional learning which will facilitate the development of their teaching practice and impact on the progress of our girls. 

    I am also responsible for coordinating and facilitating the school coaching programme as part of the wider professional learning structure of the school. By working collaboratively staff will continue to improve the overall quality of teaching and learning within the academy.

    Heads of Year

    • Mrs H Phillips - Head of Year 7
    • Mrs C Brand - Head of Year 8
    • Mrs C Fautley - Head of Year 9
    • Miss J Atkin - Head of Year 10
    • Mrs L Walker - Head of Year 11