Happy holidays!

All students to return to school at 8:45am on Monday 5th September 2016.


I am delighted to introduce you to Ark Helenswood Academy. A high-performing girls’ school in the heart of Hastings, Ark Helenswood is an academic community that prides itself in providing a range of experiences and opportunities to enable every one of our students to develop into young women fully prepared for life beyond school.

We aspire to provide a vibrant, supportive academic community for students, staff and parents alike. Students and staff are encouraged and given the tools they need to inspire, aspire and achieve from day one; through a balanced and varied curriculum for the former, and unique career development opportunities and excellent professional support for the latter.

As Hastings’ best-performing school, we provide a centre of excellence for students who, through their Ark Helenswood experience, will gain the necessary academic and personal skills to enjoy a fulfilled life, realise their career ambitions and become active and supportive members of their community.

Ark Helenswood Academy achieves excellent examination success, which continues to improve year on year. Students excel in all areas of the curriculum whether it be English, mathematics and sciences, creative and practical subjects, languages or the humanities. Many of our students remain with us to enjoy Ark 6th Form East Sussex and go onto top universities, including Oxbridge and Russell Group universities.

Our performing arts specialism gives every member of the Ark Helenswood community the opportunity to participate in Hastings’ thriving art scene, with dance students performing when the Olympic Torch arrived in the town and in Hastings’ acclaimed festivals. Students develop their artistic and creative talents through drama, musical, dance and design shows and exhibitions and their sporting interests through the many trips, clubs and competitions.

Our high standards are underpinned by developing students who enjoy school, feel safe and receive quality support and guidance. We consider the development and well-being of students to be the foundation of their success and have a full-time, professional support team who work with our teachers to help all students achieve their very best. Ofsted commented in their last visit that: ‘the learning environment is outstandingly caring and supportive.’

At Ark Helenswood, we know we cannot achieve our vision without dedicated and talented staff who are well supported and developed to reach their full potential. Each member of our teaching staff has regular training and support to help them develop in their careers and practices, something we consider vital to ensuring the best standard of education for our students.

We are proud of our reputation for linking traditional values of hard work, academic standards and respect for others with a forward thinking curriculum and the development of the confidence and skills needed for our girls to enter the twenty first century workforce. Whether you are joining as a student or a staff member, I look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Lucy Monk Principal