Exam Preparations

Design and Technology

Date of exam: Thursday 20th June in lesson time.


Year 8 Food exams will begin the week starting 3rd June 2019, Year 9 from the week starting 10th June 2019 and Year 7 class 7W2 on Tuesday 25th June and 7W1 on Friday 28th June.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Health and safety
Eatwell guide
Healthy diets
Cooking techniques
Health & Safety
Equipment and utensils
Seasonal food
Healthy diets
Rubbing in method
Cross contamination
Buying and storing food
Meal planning
Reasons for choice
Allergies and different diets
Packaging and labelling
International cuisine
GM foods
Food waste
Food sources


History Years 7 to 10

Year 10 will also need to revise Western Front. Year 8 Geography will need to revise topics of migration, coasts, population and urbanisation.


  • Year 9 - Natural Hazards and Urban Issues.
  • Year 10 - Natural Hazards, Ecosystems, Rivers and Urban Issues.


PE assessments will take place in lessons based on practical performances.

Performing Arts

Dance and Drama assessments will take place in lessons based on practical performances.


Revision topics

  • Year 7 - everything from this year
  • Year 8 - everything from year 7 and 8
  • Year 9 - everything from this year

Year 9 BTEC Assessments

Students studying BTEC courses in Yr 9 will be assessed though their internally graded coursework, which has been started in lessons. 

  • Business Studies - Component 1 -Assignment 2 -  Market Research - (P3, M2, D2)
  • Health and Social Care - Component 1 - Assignment 2 - Coping with Life- (P3,P4, M2,M3,D2)  
  • Children's Play Learning and Development - Unit 2 -  Play and Development- (P1,P2, M1,D1)

Exam Timetable

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