Religious education

Background to religious education at our school

Religious Education (RE) is not a National Curriculum subject, but has legal statutory standing for all pupils as part of the Basic Curriculum. As RE is not nationally determined Ark Helenswood Academy uses the East Sussex County Council Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education, which we have used as the basis of our planning and delivery of RE.

Ark Helenswood Academy does not have a specific religious affiliation, pupils and their families are from a range of faith religious and non-religious backgrounds. RE at Ark Helenswood  is concerned with ' learning about religion' and 'learning from religion' and it is not the practice of the school to proselytize pupils. The faith background of both the staff and pupils’ family is respected at all times.

Parents of a pupil at a community, foundation or voluntary school have a right to withdraw their children from Religious Education (RE). If a parent asks for their child to be wholly or partly excused from attending any RE the school must comply unless the request is withdrawn. Any parent who wishes this may consult the Principal. Teachers may also withdraw from the teaching of RE.

Values and aims

We believe at this school that RE both supports and strengthens what we aim to do in every aspect of school life. Specifically, RE at our school aims to enable pupils of whatever ability and level of development to:

  • explore concepts
  • explore opportunities for personal and spiritual development
  • explore communal responses to issues.