Business & Community Partnerships

We would like to offer local businesses and members of the local community the opportunity to partnership with Ark Helenswood Academy.

At Ark Helenswood Academy we are committed to providing our students with the best possible education and in addition providing many with emotional support, guidance and counselling. 
We are very proud that the academy’s latest GCSE results rank it as the best performing secondary school in Hastings.

However the academy still faces many challenges….

The latest data available indicates that Hastings is the most deprived district/borough in East Sussex and about half of the wards in Hastings are amongst the 10% most deprived in East Sussex. 30% of children and 23% of older people are affected by income deprivation. In Central St Leonards 46% of children and 36% of older people are income deprived. There are 220 referrals to children’s social care per 1,000 population aged under 20 years. Central St Leonards has the highest rate of all East Sussex wards with 468 referrals per 1,000.      

Students of today are the community leaders and influencers of the future. This partnership takes many different forms and is mutually beneficial. 

How you can support the Ark Helenswood Academy Business and Community Partnership
Financial sponsorship
Inspiring students with your specialist knowledge and/or experience
Offering work experience opportunities

All of our partners will benefit from the following….

Recognition of the academy website, social media sites and newsletters.
A free business or community stand at appropriate academy events e.g. open evenings

Contact Anne Stanley, Operations Manager on

Thank you to Purple Cow Office Supplies who have agreed to sponsor our Maple Leaf Breakfast Club. Ruth at Purple Cow visited the academy last year and was so impressed with the work going on that she decided that her company would pay for some of our disadvantaged students to receive a healthy nutritious breakfast every morning.

We would like to say a very big thank you to Nadine Searle from Calmer Self who has recently started working with some of our Year 11 students. Nadine will be supporting the students in the run up to exams with techniques to help them with exam related stress and anxiety. This will include mindfulness, breathing techniques and relaxation.