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Ark Helenswood will be having an Ofsted inspection over the next two days – 24th and 25th April, 2018.

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Collective Worship

At Ark Helenswood Academy, all Collective Acts of Worship reflect the broad spectrum of beliefs and value in the Academy community whilst maintaining a broadly Christian character.

These values will be defined by the Aims of the Academy. Particular reference will be made to:

  • To promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students.
  • To prepare students as citizens, parents and consumers for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
  • To promote confidence, independence, respect, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility for self and others.

In this way Collective Acts of Worship will both reflect the Academy Aims and be a means of securing them in practice.

In order for these aims to be secured, Collective Acts of Worship take place in a variety of contexts and are led by a variety of persons. These may include outside speakers and students.

For each week of the Academy year there is a planned and published theme which informs all Collective Acts of Worship for that week. As far as possible each student takes part in a Collective Act of Worship on each day in the Academy year. These are held in both Tutor Group and Year Group settings. Materials based on the themes are provided for all Collective Acts of Worship led by Form Tutors. Where Tutors choose they may use their own alternative materials provided that they support the weekly themes. Students may also lead a Collective Act of Worship.

A record is kept of the themes so that the wholly, mainly, broadly Christian character of Collective Acts of Worship at Helenswood Academy is available for inspection by appropriate bodies and individuals.

A member of staff who wishes to exercise his or her right of withdrawal from an act of collective worship on the grounds of personal conscience should inform the Principal. Such withdrawal may mean that some students cannot take part in an Act of Collective Worship every day and a management review of this situation would take place.

No registered student at the Academy may be compelled to attend either a Collective Act of Worship or RE lesson: Parents who wish to withdraw their daughters should inform the Principal in writing. Alternative arrangements will be made for these students.

Collective Worship may range from a brief 'Thought for the Day' to a formal session lasting up to an hour. Where the nature of the building or the lack of suitable adults willing to lead or attend Collective Worship makes the legal requirements impossible to fulfil, the Principal will continue to seek building modifications and/or appropriate volunteers.

Our Collective Worshop policy is available to download here: Collective Worship Policy.pdf