Student Voice

The Ark Helenswood School Council is run by the Head Girl of the academy and her Head Girl team for each academic year.

The Head Girl of Ark Helenswood for 2016-2017 is:

  • Beth Morton

Beth is ably supported by:

  • Eleanor Holman and Charlie Mellish (Deputy Head Girls)
  • Phoebe Harris (Lower School Head Girl)
  • Saffron Humphrey (Lower School Deputy Head Girl)

All School Council meetings run on Wednesday afternoons from 2.30pm to 3.30pm

The Head of House Team:

  • Lucy Davies
  • Coralie Louis
  • Abbie Bowers
  • Abbey Wynn

The Deputy Head of House Team:

  • Eve Brownbill
  • Jennifer Lynch
  • Millie Bowers
  • Elise King

Congratulations to them all and have a great year!


Ark Helenswood Academy is a community. We are the students, teachers, support staff and parents.

Student Voice encompasses all the ways in which the young people of the school have power over their own learning and environment. This allows us to shape and participate in, a cycle of ever-improving change, so that we can achieve our potential and enjoy doing it.

Our experience at the academy is our responsibility. We intend, by using our voices appropriately, that the academy, which is us all, can constantly grow and flourish.


Every tutor group is represented by a democratically appointed School Council member. The SC meets around once a fortnight. It is led by the Head girl and supported by the wider Student Leadership team. We discuss teaching and learning, rewards, behaviour, safety, homework, celebrations, and community work. We ask questions of staff and the wider leadership of the school and work together creatively as a community to solve any problems in the academy and consider how to excel, to be the best. The minutes are discussed in senior teacher meetings and responded to.


In addition to leading the School Council, the Head-Girl team aspires to be model ‘Ark Helenswood Girls’ at all times; we are proud to be ambassadors for our school.

We have regular meetings with the Principal, to ensure there is an honest conversation between students and teachers. Student Buzz events allow us to listen to a wider student group to find out beliefs, concerns and ideas people have about particular aspects of school life. We also organise and support other events, including the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party and the Prom at the end of Year 11.

We lead on projects which inspire us and are close to our hearts. So far this year, we have led on the Where’s Wally Day and Student Success Awards for Year 10. We will be leading a range of charity events over the course of the academic year, and also organizing a Careers Convention for girls in the academy. All funds raised in the academy this year will be supporting our chosen charity: Place2Be. Place2Be work in our academy to support our peers, and this year we wanted to be able to give something back to them. To find out more about the work of Place2Be please click here.


The four Houses at Ark Helenswood are Austen, Curie, Nightingale and Pankhurst.  As House Leaders, we not only support the Head-girl Team in their everyday roles, but we also lead the charity days over the year. We also lead Inter-house competitions.


The two main Leadership Teams are fully supported by prefects at both sites. This was a new system in 2014-2015. We are visible, responsible peer buddies for younger students who may need a little bit of help at break or lunch. We also serve as guides to visitors who want to know more about our school. Several students also lead the library at times throughout the day.


We have had opportunities to be part of the e-Safety Group and now the Anti-Bullying Group at the academy. We are developing a Peer Mentor system at the Lower School, so that there are other people than teachers who students can talk to. We aim to achieve the Silver Mark Award, which entails embedding an anti-bullying ethos across the academy community. We’ve noticed changes this year, due to our work: all staff on duty wear high visibility jackets and go to areas of the sites where students have said they are needed.

The Academy has a Debating Club and is building a Modern United Nations Team. To find out more about joining clubs in our academy click here.

We’ve taken part in Student Takeover Days, where we’ve collaborated with teachers on what to teach and been in charge of the classrooms, with a little bit of a difference.

Teachers at Ark Helenswood Academy, like to receive feedback from students as appropriate, on their lessons or the curriculum. We have trained Learning Partners who on the request of a teacher, can be a critical friend, observing a specific focus. Hopefully, as time goes on, this will give us a chance to have better and better learning experiences by building more opportunities to talk and plan with our teachers.

We have built strong links with many local schools to support them in developing their own Student Councils.