Ark Helenswood students wowed in virtuoso piano recital

She’s one of the most acclaimed and accomplished classical pianists in the world – now, musical virtuoso Garam Cho has performed at Ark Helenswood ahead of a major international music competition.

Garam Cho, who reached the final of the Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition last year, gave a powerful piano performance on the school’s own grand piano.

Garam Cho’s visit to Ark Helenswood was part of the Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition’s educational and outreach programme.

As well as enabling competitors to perform at local schools, the programme gives schools in the area are also eligible for free transportation and tickets to the competition’s early stages. The aim is to expose local students to classical music and give them the chance to hear world-class young pianists play.

Principal Lucy Monk said: “Our students were amazed by Garam Cho’s skill, knowledge of classical music and humility about her musical achievements and we’d like to thank her and the Hastings International Piano Recital Competition for this wonderful opportunity.

“Music is an important part of life at Ark Helenswood Academy; as well as giving students the chance to experience and interact with great music, encouraging musical excellence has helped our students to achieve fantastic results across the curriculum.

“As part of the Ark network, our talented musicians have performed on some of the most iconic stages in the country, including playing for an audience of over 1,000 at the London Barbican centre in the Ark Music Gala last summer.”