Find out more about working at Ark Helenswood Academy

Interested in working at Ark Helenswood Acadmey? Gail Clarkson is a Geography teacher at the school - find out what she had to say about working at the school:

A supportive school

“This is my second year teaching after getting my PGCE at Canterbury Christ Church University. When I arrived at Ark Helenswood, I was given a really supportive mentor who has been teaching for many years, and we’d meet once a week.

My direct line manager is the Head of Faculty and if I need her help and support, she is always there to give me tips.

“There’s a really nurturing culture in the school and we do support each other. We have ‘Songs of Praise’ once a week -  a staff meeting in which you nominate someone who’s gone above and beyond. We also have cake on Fridays - it’s a little perk that shows that the school cares about you as people, not just teachers.

A real focus on teaching

“One of the main things that attracted me to Ark Helenswood was the school’s ‘Behaviour for Learning’ policy. There are really strict uniform standards, we have rules about ‘bags being in the bag area’, if the children are invited to sit down they will sit down, and so on. Having that in place means you can really focus on teaching.

“Every teacher knows that good teaching and behaviour management go hand in hand. If either is lacking, then the other will fall down. If you’ve got really good behaviour you can get the students to make progress; likewise, if you’ve got a great lesson but poor behaviour, you won’t be able to meet those objectives.

“Knowing that Ark Helenswood takes behaviour seriously is great as a teacher.”

Opportunities to progress and develop

“Ark Helenswood takes career development very seriously – the school recognizes that helping teachers progress in their careers isn’t just good for staff, it means that they’re in a position to make the biggest impact to students as well. We have some whole school CPD every Wednesday afternoon. At the moment, we’re doing a lot of co-planning, which has been supported by Ark, and I’ve also taken part in Instructional Leadership with my mentor.

 “The potential for career development at Ark Helenswood has been great. I arrived as an NQT and I’m a Teaching and Learning Responsibility Holder in my second year at the school.”