Ark Helenswood gymnasts sweep board in competition

A team of 26 students from Ark Helenswood Academy travelled to Eastbourne for the annual Sussex Schools’ Sports Acrobatics and Gymnastics Competition with over 220 entries from schools across East and West Sussex. The standard was incredibly high this year and the team were determined to try to defend their title and continue to build on the success of previous years. The girls gave some exceptional performances resulting in a medal haul of 27 gold, 14 silver and 8 bronze, as well as the Advanced Compositional Group Trophy and the Overall Team title for the 14th consecutive year. 

In the Section-A Novice Pairs category Bethany Bick and Sammy-Jo Wren finished in first place, with Amelia Edwards and Katie Mason in second place, Artasia Welsh and Poppy Gilchrist in fourth and Ellie Alexander and Diana Rusa finishing in eighth place. In the Section-B Pairs, Rubie Morton-Davage and Mia Smith took gold, with Gracie Turnbull and Tashane Miller winning bronze. In the Regional Pairs Maddie Ralph and Tamsin Poole claimed gold with Eleanor Holman and Sophie Vincent taking silver. In the advanced pairs, Jaimi Phillips and Summer Spice finished in first place, Hannah Dine and Kyla West in second place and Amber Francis and Zoe Mills in third place. In the trio sections Rubie Morton-Davage, Mia Smith and Katie Mason took gold and Gracie Turnbull, Tashane Miller and Sammy-Jo Wren took silver. Tamsin Poole, Maddie Ralph and Eleanor Holman won the Regional Trio category and Summer Osborne, Sienna Spice and Sacha Doyle and Tamsin Poole, Maddie Ralph and Mia Tovey finished first and second respectively in the compositional categories. In the individual events, Katie Mason took bronze in the Year 7 Basic category, with Poppy Gilchrist finishing in fourth place, Bethany Bick and Diana Rusa in equal fifth and Artasia Welsh in sixth place. Gracie Turnbull and Mia Smith took silver and bronze in the Year 8+ Basic category, with Tashane Miller finishing in fourth place and Amelia Edwards in seventh. Maddie Ralph finished in the top spot in the Intermediate category, with Sophie Vincent in second, Amber Francis third, Zoe Mills fourth, Eleanor Holman fifth and Ellie Smith ninth. After a very tough competition, Tamsin Poole took the gold medal in the Advanced category; Sienna Spice finished in third place, Mia Tovey in fifth and Kyla West in eleventh.

The advanced compositional group consisting of Tamsin Poole, Maddie Ralph, Summer Osborne, Sacha Doyle, Hannah Dine, Jaimi Phillips, Summer Spice and Sienna Spice was certainly the highlight of the day. Their control, poise and overall execution was awe-inspiring. The judges clearly saw this and the group finished with a score of 48/50, ten points ahead of the second place group.

The girls were an absolute delight to watch and a credit to the academy. Congratulations girls and thank you for your hard work and commitment.