Helenswood Academy welcomes Hastings Girls’ High School, New Zealand

45 hours of journey from one Hastings to another, and students from Helenswood Academy and Hastings Girls’ High School, New Zealand, enjoyed an opportunity to share their musical talents and appreciate one another’s cultural heritage. The Hastings girls were joined by their brother school: Lindisfarne College in a tour of the UK, and were excited to be able to make their sister school: Helenswood Academy, a stopping point on the tour.

Students from all three schools performed a range of musical items for Y10 and invited guests before sharing lunch together. Students were able to swap stories about life in two very different ‘Hastings’, and plan the return league of the trip for Helenswood students to New Zealand in 2015. The two sister schools share ambitions for our students to travel the world, and experience new cultures. Students from Helenswood are now looking forward to fundraising for their return tour, with one lucky student each year being offered the opportunity to work as a gap year tutor at Hastings Girls’ High School, in their international department, before they start their University career.