End of year reflections

2012-13 has been a year of outstanding achievement in all areas of the school. We articulate high ambitions for all in our vision statement. But what does that mean for each and every one of our students?

It means that every single one of them has the potential to be an exemplary Helenswood girl. They know when they put on their uniform in the morning that they are representing all of the Helenswood girls who have gone before them – and all of the ones who are still to be welcomed into the Helenswood family. It means that when we are talking about exemplary Helenswood girls – we are talking about every single one of them.

Let me just share some examples of exemplary Helenswood girls. 

On Sunday 7th July 2013 at 3pm Daina Rose, from the class of 2013, was trampolining in the synchro competition for the British Championships. Daina has travelled up to Gillingham, in Kent, and back, several times a week for the last few years of her life as a Helenswood girl, practising her skill. On Sunday she received double British Gold for British Synchro Trampoline Champion and also British Individual Champion. When she is part of the British trampoline team in the 2016 Olympics we will all remember Daina as a Helenswood girl, and we will support her then as we do now. She is an expert in her field, she is a Helenswood girl. But she also manages to balance her school life and studies, alongside her talent. 

Last term Year 9 students were challenged to make a difference to someone in their local community. On Friday 28th June scores of girls shared their stories of how they have made a difference, in small and meaningful ways, to people in their street, in their local community, in our school. Making a difference ranged from a litter pick at the Lower School, to making a cake or a roast dinner for a neighbour whose wife had died, even painting and decorating for that neighbour; or going to a care home and sitting and talking to residents who might not otherwise have any company - Helenswood girls demonstrating that they link the traditional values of hard work, academic standards and respect for others.

Examples like these can be found in each and every day here at Helenswood. We know that all of our students have the potential to be both academically ambitious, and personally ambitious for themselves.

Lucy Monk