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Ark Helenswood Academy celebrate record breaking GCSE results - best in town!

Ark’s two secondary schools in Hastings have seen improvements in their GCSE grades. At Ark William Parker Academy, the number of students getting at least 5 A*-Cs including English and maths jumped by 6 points, from 44% to 50% and at Ark Helenswood Academy it went up by 12 points from 50% to 62%.

Lucy Monk, Principal at Ark Helenswood Academy, said:

“Our students and staff  together have worked very hard to achieve these results- they represent a significant improvement for Helenswood Academy. We’re very proud of what we have accomplished as a school and as a community.”

Ark Helenswood Success Stories

Hira Husain from Ark Helenswood Academy is celebrating after getting 2A*s and 8As.

Hira said: “I'm so happy, all the hard work paid off. I'm in shock, I did a lot better than I expected. I didn't even expect to pass History, let alone get an A! The revision classes really helped, and the teachers were brilliant. They were so supportive. I just want to go and thank them all now.”

“I'm going on to study biology, chemistry, maths and Spanish A level at Ark Sixth Form East Sussex.”

Hira's whole family was at school to celebrate her results. Her grandmother, Ms Ali said: “I’m very proud, she has worked so hard, and the teachers have been marvellous. It’s the best school ever.”

Sophie West was also delighted with her results getting 6A*s and 4 As in her GCSES. Sophie said: “I’m very happy, particularly with maths. The teachers here are supportive and very nice, I learn a lot better when the teachers are supportive.” She was taught  maths by Miss Chicken, a former Helenswood girl herself and is staying on for sixth form.

Bethany Streeter was also pleased, getting 2A*s, 6 As and a B grade. She said: “I've done a lot better than expected – wants to go on to be a primary school teacher.

Sasha Lloyd-Briscoe also came into school today to pick up her grades. She did fantastically well, securing 4A*s and 7 As at GCSE. Sasha said: “I've really enjoyed my time here at Helenswood. It’s been great.”