Whistleblowing is the reporting by workers or ex-workers, of wrongdoing such as fraud, malpractice, mismanagement, breach of health and safety law or any other illegal or unethical act either on the part of management, the Governing Body or by fellow employees.

This policy aims to:

  • Encourage workers to feel confident in raising concerns
  • Establish a fair and impartial investigative procedure
  • Provide avenues for workers to raise concerns and receive appropriate feedback
  • Ensure that workers receive a response to concerns and are aware of how to pursue them if they are not satisfied
  • Ensure that workers will be protected from any reprisals or victimisation by the academy, provided that there is reasonable belief that the matter disclosed tends to show wrongdoing and that the disclosure has been made in an appropriate manner and in good faith

This policy may be used by all workers at Ark Helenswood to raise concerns where the well being of others or the academy itself is at risk.